neoperl - flow, stop and go


1959 Foundation of Neoperl AG in Reinach-Basel (Switzerland)

1961 Foundation of Neoperl GmbH in Müllheim (Germany)

In 1959, the Neoperl Group is incorporated as a joint
Swiss / German family enterprise. The registered office for marketing is in Reinach-Basel (Switzerland), main production, research & development and logistics in Müllheim (Germany).

The founders of the company recognise the future opportunities for aerators and secure manufacturing and distribution rights. They follow a forward-looking concept that, at the time, was quite unusual. They fully rely on outsourcing to take advantage of the expertise of specialised suppliers and limit themselves to the assembly of the products. In addition, the  Neoperl Group focuses on product development, surface coatings and worldwide marketing of its products. To the today, this concept has proven to be extremely successful.

In the coming years, the range of products was continuously expanded and a new commercial building was built which, today, incorporates the manufacture and distribution of the following products: aerators, flow regulators, check valves, diverters, kitchen sprays, connecting and shower hoses, spouts and a wide-range of accessories.

International growth

The mid-80s sees the beginning of the international growth of the Group. To make this possible, Neoperl focuses on its core competencies: research and development, assembly and production, logistics and distribution.


1984 Neoperl takes over the PERLATOR product line from Rokal, a long-time competitor
1987 Acquisition of the US-based company WPM (Waterbury Pressed Metal, Inc.)
1994 Acquisition of the R.C. Mannesmann AG Basel and R.C. Mannesmann Ltd. The Basel office merges with  Neoperl Switzerland and R.C.Mannesmann Ltd. beco mes Neoperl UK
1995 Launch of Neoperl B.V., Barneveld, Netherlands
1996 Acquisition of the UK-based company Malvern Plastics Ltd (MPL)
1996 Foundation of Neoperl Italia (distribution and ware house), Cressa
1998 Launch of Neoperl do Brazil, Sao Paulo
1999 Launch of Neoperl Handelsges. mbH Austria, Vösen dorf
2000 Acquisition of the Danish-based company PRIO FLEX A/S in Randers
2001 Acquisition of the Italy-based company Piemontesi in Cressa
Construction of a new building for Research & Development Center in Müllheim
2002 Launch of Neoperl Korea, Seoul
2003 Launch of Neoperl China, Shanghai
2004 Launch of Neoperl Australia, Brisbane
2011 Foundation of Neoperl Far East, Hong Kong
Acquisition of RM-Flex, Xinhui and Launch as NEOFLEX China
2012 Neoperl India founded in Delhi
2013 Launch of Neoperl Turkey, Istanbul
Acquisition of Industrias Mateu S.A.

Acqusition of PARIGI Industry srl, Italy
Launch of NPI Middle East DMCC, Dubai