neoperl - flow, stop and go

A flow regulator saves water

NEOPERL® flow regulators ensure a near-constant flow by compensating for changes in line pressure.

The flow regulator is composed of a body and a dynamic O-ring. The O-ring reacts to the pressure changes and adjusts its shape to decrease the amount of water going through: the flow rate remains near-constant.


How does it work?

Static conditions (no flow):
The o-ring is relaxed (position 1).

Dynamic conditions (flow):
The o-ring subjected to the line pressure is compressed into the seating area which reduces the water passage (position 2). As the pressure increases the o-ring is compressed further into the seating area and reduces the water passage further (position 3). As the pressure decreases the o-ring relaxes and reopens the water passage (return to position 2 and 1). Pressure compensating flow regulators are not recommended for use in non-pressurized applications.