neoperl - flow, stop and go
05 February 2013

NEOPERL AG as a part of the Umwelt Arena

In the exhibition Aqua-Arena NEOPERL is presenting solutions all around water and energy saving in bathroom and kitchen. Beside detailed and demonstrative explanations about how the NEOPERL watersaving technology is working, visitors are able to inform themselves about ECOBOOSTER products. They have the possibility to calculate their water and energy saving potential at home or can test their ability to assign the right water sounds in the water quiz.

The Umwelt Arena Spreitenbach is not just the first competence centre for ecology and sustainability but also a platform for visitors, companies and organisations dealing with issues all around environmental engineering.

Due to experience and comprehension the relation between environmental friendly products and their technology is gotten across.

In more than 30 exhibitions on 4 floors visitors can inform themselves about „Living ecology-minded“ - starting with nutrition, household, leisure time to holidays, textiles, fashion till mobility, energy efficiency and economy.

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