neoperl - flow, stop and go
29 April 2016

Red Dot Award for MIKADO water stream design

The MIKADO aerator has received the "Red Dot" Award, with the international panel of experts completely won over by exceptional design of the water stream. The unique quality of design, functionality and high level of innovation evident in this new NEOPERL product were particularly compelling.


The novel, grid-like spray pattern is a thing of beauty, both pleasant for the user and an inspiration to tap designers. The aerator creates a specific spray pattern for each of the geometrically arranged water jets, which combine to form a unique, interlacing design. The jets of water flow delicately and harmoniously. Their shape is such that they lose intensity as they fall, with the force of the stream changing from a massaging effect to a pleasantly gentle sensation. The spray patterns of NEOPERL aerators open up many opportunities for tap design and the shaping of water streams, whilst also meeting the highest standards of quality and sustainability.

Click here to watch our product video.