neoperl - flow, stop and go

PERLATOR® Coin Slot Econom

Pressure-dependant water-saving product.
Flow rate of approx. 7.5 – 9 l/min at a line pressure of 3 bar
Not appropriate for pressureless boilers

The PERLATOR® Coin Slot Aerator can be used with cast faucets and needs no brass and no tools. This threaded aerator has an integrated coin slot for easy assembly or disassembly and can be removed with a coin.

NO KEY – all you need is a coin to assemble or disassemble the aerator.

NO BRASS – The brass housing becomes redundant.

100% COMPATIBLE with existing M24x1 aerators and fully compliant with EN246 bore specifications.

FLATNESS is achieved by a revolutionarily small aerator mixing chamber – NEOPERL® technology compressed into very little space.

DRIP RAIL functionality is fully integrated and prevents drops from running down the faucet.

PERFECT STREAM QUALITY – the HONEYCOMB® structure provides perfect stream quality.